Make money with WordPress and Alibaba Affiliate

First step to make money with WordPress and Alibaba Affiliate is register on Alibaba Affiliate Marketing Platform.

The web side to register is :

The steps are sign up , get Advertisements, generate Leads and finally get commission :

Login on the web:

Then you register your website, you have to put your domain url website them choose the language of the advertisements and finally select the advertisement that you don’t want in your website or blog. Then you have to wait for the success review like 2 weeks.

Fill the form of Alibaba Affiliate Network Program Service Agreement, your name , country and Address. Then Alibaba review your website and approve the Agreement

after approval you have access to your section programs where you have a lot of products

then click on the button get code a pop up section appears

in the pop up section you can choose the size and horizontal or vertical section or you can olny copy the link with the promote by link section

on WordPress you only have to add a html section on your post and paste the code that alibaba give you.

The link above is a final example of WordPress and Alibaba Affiliate

I did a tutorial for Amazon that have similar functionality, but the difference is that Alibaba have more options than Amazon, like Horizontal or Vertical , size of the ads. you can see the post on amazon here:

next post i would post how to make money with Ali express and wordpress






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  1. Elber Galarga Avatar
    Elber Galarga

    I will be millonaire with this advide.
    Thank you so much

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