Make money with your web/ blog: Amazon Associates and WordPress

If you have a web or a blog you can monetize your traffic with link of products to their web. First step to make money with your web / blog with Amazon Associates and WordPress is to create an account of amazon or have an account.

Amazon Associates sing up

After you sign in and register your blog or web get, you have to wait like 15 days or less to get approval of Amazon to publish their product on your web:

Creating your Amazon Associates

Then when you have the approval you can use the links to paste in your blog with WordPress

Links Amazon Associates

Then you can add it on your WordPress blog, first on a new post add a Custom HTML block and paste the code that you get from amazon

Post example

On this tutorial we will put a components of computers link:


You have the option of site stripe that is to search the product that you want to put on your web or blog, then click on SiteStripe text to get the link


In this example I choose the Large Piggy Bank for Boys Adults:

Amazon Associates link example


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