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Config Google Analytics and WordPress

If you want so see how many people are watching your website and where they are connected, if they watching by phone or PC Google analytics is your tool to do this and more, also if you have a WordPress blog.

How to configure your website to google analytics

 Google Analytics Begin

Go to google marketing platform then click on Analytics

 Google Analytics Dash board

Go to settings

Then click Create

 Google Analytics Create option

Choose Property

Create Property

After a windows is open that you have to put the name of your property like myweb, myblog is only to identify your product, then choose the currency like dollar, nuevos soles or Euros

Window of Create Property

Then describe your business choose your category of business then choose the business size

 Google Analytics Describe your bussines

Choose your business objectives

 Google Analytics business objetives

Choose wish platform do you want to collect data:

Choose plataform Google Analytics

For this example I choose web

enter website

you have to copy this code, and put this code on your web page on the head element

code to paste on head on your blog

Finally you create the collection data

final result

Then go to your WordPress blog install the plugin wpcode

install wpcode on wordpress

Copy the code from Google Analytics then go to Code Snippets on WordPress then go to Header and paste the code after save the changes

edit header and paste the code of  Google Analytics






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